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Frequently Asked Questions


Are Agents employees of IROK Solar?

No.  They are Independent Entrepreneurs who offer our products, services and responsible for communicating IROK Solar's procedures and requirements.


How do I become an agent?

Please download the Agent Roles pdf at the far right. 


Why do agents pay for samples?

We have to pay for all accessories - samples and those for resale.  Those interested in offering our solar accessories must purchase the samples needed to show potential customers, as well as, pay the shipping of those samples.


What does IROK Solar need in recommending a solar system?

(1)  The address for installation so we can view building from satellite. 

(2)  Photos of the building to confirm our satellite view is correct.

(3)  Roof dimensions if unable to view the address from satellite.

Please fill out the Solar Worksheet completely for getting a prompt quote.


Why MUST I give my address for the solar quote?

(1)  To obtain satellite view of the building and determine the best solar system.

(2)   To plan for appropriate transportation of materials.  Not all roads are well tarred and we must prepare so there is no damage to components during transfer to the site.


Are the residential and/or commercial systems on-grid or off-grid?

On-grid means that the solar power is connected to an existing electric company, so the client can draw power from the electric company if needed.  Off-grid means that the solar system is its own electric company, stand-alone system. 


All systems, especially the designs for African countries are off-grid.


Will I have to remove my current electric power supply if I choose your solar system?

No.  You can have it as back-up (alternative) power supply.


Can I install your solar system on a building that am renting?

Yes.  As long as we have your landlord's written approval.  Please carefully consider this because the solar system could remain on the building when you move.  Sell it to the landlord or negotiate no rental fees while inhabiting the building. 


Should you need us to move it to your new location, that is considered a new installation and there will be a charge.


Is there a fee for residential and commercial solar quotes?

There is no fee for an overall quote.  There is a fee for a detailed quote which includes site review and solar system design.


Why do you charge a design fee?

A site review and design of an effective residential and/or commercial system is time consuming.  All design fees will be deducted from the cost of the solar system once client pays the solar system recommended in full.  The fee is dependent on the size of the solar system. 


Design fee are not refundable should the client not proceed with the solar system. 


What is a site review?

It is the process of determining the building that will be using the solar system.  Building evaluation includes roof space, shading (present and future), sun peak hours, roof angle, roofing materials, quality of roof and area security.  Clients or a designated knowledgeable person must be present for the site review to give clarifications on questions that may arise.


Site review fees are not refundable should the client not proceed with the solar system. 


Does IROK Solar's role end once the solar installation completes?

No.  We offer continuous support to resolve system downtimes.  To minimize cost of resolving system issues, clients are encouraged to sign-up for the maintenance program. 


What is IROK Solar's Maintenance Program?

The solar panels, inverters, batteries and other components installed by our technical team will be serviced six months from the date of the completed install, and every six months thereafter for the period client agrees to.


What happens if the solar system (solar panels, batteries, etc.) is stolen?

Similar to buying car theft insurance prior to driving the car off the dealer's location.  Clients are responsible for the full value of their systems.  The client is expected to carry insurance that covers all solar components from the time of delivery, to after installation.  The solar system insurance would cover not only theft, but vandalism, fire, lightning and other acts of nature.


IROK Solar is responsible for exercising manufacturer's warranty on solar components, replacing defective components if under warranty, damage during installation and warranty of our installation.

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